Voigtlander Portrait lens (I series)

Petzval lens with F/3 1/6 max aperture.

3B, 4B and 5B – rack and pinion, 6B and 7B – rigid mount.

No Diameter of lens element Focal Length Recommended Format Image circle
3B 53mm (2″) 174mm 9x12cm (4×5″) 180mm
4B 66mm (2 1/2″) 209mm 12x16cm 230mm
5B 79mm (3″) 245mm 13x18cm (5×7″) 280mm
6B 92mm (3 1/2″) 306mm 18x24cm (8×10″) 330mm
7B 105mm (4″) 395mm 26x31cm 420mm

Voiglander Petzval portrait lens